Who Killed the Dolphins?  – Report-shows-13-dolphins-died-entangled-in-fishing-gear-off-County-Mayo

Minister Simon Coveney is mistaken, “On the basis of these examinations, it is not possible to determine which of these fleets might have been involved in this incident.”

If he wishes it can be investigated further, all vessel names and movements are monitored by the Vessel Monitoring System of the Irish Navy.

Also the Irish Coastguard can track oil spills and could also backtrack the direction of where the stranded dolphins came from. Match the two and you can fairly identify where the dolphins were likely caught. Interview the vessel skippers and identify those responsible and prosecute. The Minister can ensure the law is enforced for all strictly protected species in Ireland’s whale and dolphin ‘sanctuary’

Read more: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Report-shows-13-dolphins-died-entangled-in-fishing-gear-off-County-Mayo-204876181.html#ixzz2Rf6WdHio

Post mortem on stranded dolphins suggests fishery by catch is the cause of death


Simon Coveney i…

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